When overwhelmed by the stupidity, ignorance and despair around me, I like going back to these just to regain some hope in humanity:


A Solarpunk Manifesto summing up all the values of the movement. Focusing on hope and finding solutions instead of warnings.


Gemsi - Our Story

5-minute video of the beginning of Hackerspace and Makerspace movement in the Middle East, narrated by awesome Bilal Ghalib - sudo make hope. The whole movement inspires me with their irresistibility - even after having their hackerspace bulldozed by the government Tarek Omar and other people continue to educate and encourage people all around Egypt.

Mitch Altman on Hackerspace Movement

20-minute video of Mitch Altman sharing his stories and ideas from hackerspaces in Germany and USA. Spiritual father of many communities around the world doesn't want to be a bearded sage in an ivory tower - he's out there, hacking and having fun with other people!

How open source and local hackers helped stop Ebola epidemic

During the Ebola epidemic in 2014 Sierra Leone was crippled as a country. There was no management system existing to coordinate all the doctors and international aid workers, the salaries haven't been paid for months, the riots were just starting. Several self-taught hackers took a little over a month to develop an open ERP system and a mobile banking platform which saved the country.

Sheer wonder of the world

Pale Blue Dot

A beautiful spiritual description of Earth and our civilization by Carl Sagan from his book of the same title.

The Future is Ours

Very transhumanist, optimistic short on the world around us.