About me

My name is Pawel Ngei (previously Pawel Chojnacki). I'm a full-stack web developer, cybersecurity educator, open science and free software activist and a former Warsaw Hackerspace facilitator.

I freelance as ALXD (registry index). You can also check my LinkedIn profile.

I used to be fascinated by transhumanism, but I became disillusioned as I learned that its proponents are interested in growth for the sake of growth, without any critical thoughts on its direction. Right now I'm more closely aligned with Solarpunk and hacker sensibilities.

I have a background in basic mathematics, physics, neurobiology and computational neuroscience. I program mainly in JavaScript and Python and have experience in Linux systems administration.

My current biggest project is Glider Ink, a graphic novel about hackerspaces and different approaches to hacking. I'm its producer and main writer, hellbent on publishing it on Creative Commons.

It's best to contact me via email. You can be also interested in my github account, although I'm not developing anything worthwhile at the moment.

My PGP fingerprint is:

A1BE 7664 4DFE 56DD D29C CDC0 FA90 F55B D2F6 40D5

Avatar by Marty Tina G..